3 ways to boost your social media engagement

Want your social media engagement to go up?

Don’t we all.

At different times of year your engagement will go up and down on social media.

But fear not, that does not mean we should just give up.

Here 3 simple things you can do to boost your social media engagement right now


1️⃣ POST at a TIME when your follows are on line. Check your insights for this

2️⃣ POST CAROUSELS. Carousels are THE MOST engaging post type so get on this.

3️⃣ Post VIDEO content. Video is one sure fire way to up the post engagement. They don’t have to be too polished or time consuming either. Just ceate an otherwise static posts and turn it into video with stickers and gifs. Easy!

Need help with your social media engagement? Let us help you…get in touch

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